Upgrading Jenkins from 2.346.3 to 2.361.4

When running the 2.361.4 msi upgrade, The Jenkins appeared to be starting up normally, but then I noticed that it was acting like I had never had Jenkins installed. It was performing what looked like an initial install, which seemed even more confirmed when it asked me for the initial Administrator password. After finishing starting up, I had no jobs any more, the configuration seemed to be completely gone. Previously installed plugins were no longer there and jobs / configurations were all gone. In looking into the directory structure on the OS, I still see my jobs defined, etc.

Platform: Windows 2012 R2
Java version on the server: java version “1.8.0_181-b13”

I did understand above 2.36x.x up need to install the JAVA 11 which I did. all the plugins are updated before executed the 2.361.4 msi.

I have follow this blog to run the upgrade.

It is not recommended to upgrade Jenkins using the MSI installer. This use case is not supported. You can upgrade Jenkins using the upgrade method in the UI. The MSI should only be used for initial install.

Do you mean under the Manage Jenkins? I also tried but it seems the Jenkins services never able to get it start it. and I have waited for 15 to 30 mins. Do I need to switch the JAVA version first? since 2.346.3 running

Yes, I would upgrade Java (you’ll need to update the jenkins.xml file in the Jenkins installation directory to set the path to Java). Then after that is done, upgrade Jenkins using the mechanism you show in the screenshot.

Hi Alex,
I have installed the JAVA SE Development Kit 19.0.2 64bits

yes I did updated the JAVA version on the jenkins.xml

however i updated the java version on the jenkins.xml. i still dont not see system Properties change the JAVA.runtime

Are you sure you are using the correct jenkins.xml file? Also, I assume you restarted Jenkins after updating the jenkins.xml?

Hi Alex,
yes That is the Jenkins.xml. I just tried. pointing to the new c:\Program files\JAVA\jdk-19\java.exe will not work. the Jenkins services will not start at all and giving me an error.
any clue? do i need to grant permission? or i need to reinstall the JAVA into the Jenkins folder?

Can you try a Java 17?

Thank you so much Alex. by upgrade to JAVA 17 and switch it JAVA 17 before the upgrade. I am finally able to upgraded to Jenkins 2.375.3