What is best way to upgrade Jenkins version

There are three ways we can upgrade the Jenkins:

I want to upgrade Jenkins version, control panel Jenkins version and registry entry.

  1. .war file: This is not upgrading Jenkins version in control panel and registry entry. I already tries to upgrade using. By Security Team has concern with control panel and registry entry of old initial version.

  2. .msi installer file : There is comment from @slide_o_mix . that it is not recommended to upgrade Jenkins .msi installer file after initial setup.

  3. Use upgrade button from Jenkins Dashboard.: This will not upgrade Jenkins version from control panel and registry entry.

Can you please suggest what is issue with upgrading Jenkins using .msi installer file.

Is there anybody having experience of working on same issue? #upgrade question

Based on previous conversations where @slide_o_mix was involved, I believe that your alternatives are:

  • Update the war file as recommended by @slide_o_mix and write a script that will update the desired registry entries yourself so that your IT organization stops complaining
  • Uninstall the MSI and install a new MSI for each upgrade
  • Submit one or more pull requests to the Windows installer that allow it to perform the desired upgrade

Thank you for your update. @MarkEWaite

OS - Windows, Current Jenkins version: 2.440.1, planning to upgrade: 2.440.3 LTS

I think that the best way to upgrade on Windows is to upgrade the war file as recommended by @slide_o_mix . However, that doesn’t satisfy your request that it also update the registry entry and the control panel.