Status of Chocolatey packaging of Jenkins?

I have recently revisited Jenkins deployment on Windows using ‘infrastructure as code’ approaches and it seemed that Chocolatey was a viable option. I was even more excited to watch a video on YouTube where Jenkins was installed from a choco package. Unfortunately the last Jenkins package was build more than 2 years ago (v2.222.4) . Are there any updates on what is happening in this space? I understood that the Jenkins infra team was going to take over the maintenance of the Chocolatey Jenkins packages. Thanks for any information/feedback on this.
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do you a link or anything about this? I haven’t heard of it being on anyones roadmap but I would think its on the platform-sig’s team since they do the packaging up (there’s lots of overlap between the two teams though).

I updated your title and tags because I thought it was about a chocolatey plugin, and this way its a bit more clear.

Platform SIG notes from 2019 note that @slide_o_mix had been granted permission for the chocolatey package for Jenkins. However, as far as I know, it has not gone any further than his having permission to work on the chocolatey package.

Yes @MarkEWaite , I think this was also on the blog post about the Windows Installer

Windows Installer Updates (

Thank you @halkeye Always good to have the right tags!

There exists a chocolatey directory in the packaging repository with four commits by @slide_o_mix, but nothing in the build or release process invokes this code. As far as I can tell, it is a work in progress. To complete this project, it should be integrated into the build and release process at minimum. I do not know if any additional work is needed to complete this project beyond integration into the build and release process.


Yes, that is correct, there wasn’t much desire at the time, so I hadn’t continued the development. If there is a desire now, I can take a look at it.

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Might be worth looking at winget these days as I think most installs have it now

Yeah, I would definitely prefer winget, though that needs to be done in the winget repo, not in our own area. I can take a look at it though.

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I looked at creating a package for winget. There is an issue that dependencies aren’t currently handled well, so their CI would fail as there is no Java on the test machine and the installer requires Java. They are working on dependency handling, but until that is taken care of, no Jenkins package will be merged into the repo. I will keep an eye on it and see when the dependency resolution stuff gets fixed/merged.


Unfortunately winget, which I explored, is not supported on Windows Servers, only Windows 10. Go figure MS. This made it a non starter and so I ended up exploring the Chocolatey option

I had winget installed on Windows Server at my previous job. I guess it was just unsupported :grinning:

I guess I could look at chocolatey again, there was some work that needed to be done to get a jenkins project account, but I don’t remember where it got left.

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