Chocolatey-Agent Plugin

I have configured jenkin controller (2.393) on windows server 2022 and i have connected the nodes through jenkins agent and everything is fine so far. on the node there is also chocolatey agent and i want to run some scripts with chocolatey agent through jenkins controller. is it possible??? i tried to download chocolatey plugin on the controller i could not find anything. does jenkins support chocolatey plugin?

can you run said script via cli (bat/powershell/etc)? If so I recommend using that (and pipelines if you are not already using it).

I don’t see a chocolatey plugin on, so I’m curious where you found it.

Hi halkeye, thanks for your reply.
i searched in the internet, they said that i have to download the chocolatey plugin. but as you said, there is no chocolatey plugin in jenkins. that is why i asked :slight_smile:

What site said to download the chocolatey plugin for Jenkins?