Platform SIG - Feb 25, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Jean-Marc Meessen (@Jmm )


  • Open action items
    • Plugin installation manager docs - PR-4373 (closed)
      • Docs team agrees with Tim that a simple use case will be described on and detailed documentation will be kept in the GitHub repository of the tool
  • Require Java 11 or newer for Jenkins core
  • Linux operating system support policy
  • Switching Linux packages from System V init to systemd JENKINS-41218
    • Included in Jenkins 2.335
      • Upgrade works as expected using the existing settings from the user
        • Now, use a single systemctl edit jenkins to adjust settings
    • Proposed to include in Jenkins 2.332.1 LTS March 9
    • Needs a documentation page dedicated to systemd
      • See notes from Docs Office Hours 25 Feb 2022
    • Pull request submitted by Basil Crow
      • Needs more testing (see the PR builds)
      • Needs more documentation (blogpost, upgrade guide for LTS, etc.)
    • Needs Jenkins core change first available in 2.333
      • Wait for June 2022 LTS (first LTS to include the core change)
      • Deliver in a weekly 4-6 weeks before June LTS?
  • Exit lifecycle change in the Docker images