Platform SIG - Apr 22, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Emine Sener (@EmineSener), Punam Chavhan


  • Open action items
    • Plugin installation manager docs - PR-4373 (closed)
      • Docs team agrees with Tim that a simple use case will be described on and detailed documentation will be kept in the GitHub repository of the tool
  • Require Java 11 or newer for Jenkins core
    • JEP submitted to end Java 8 support in Jenkins core
    • Decision that Sep 2022 will be the LTS release that requires Java 11
      • Mark Waite update the JEP
      • Mark Waite prepare notification blog post
      • Tooling improvements and additional testing are ongoing
    • Jira epics (Require Java 11) and backlog tracking by Basil Crow
  • Java 17 support in Jenkins
    • Jenkins 2.339 release announces preview for Java 17
    • Many plugins are now testing with Java 17 in addition to Java 8 and Java 11
    • Build tooling improvement largely done (thanks to Basil Crow)
    • Jenkins Jira is being used to track tasks and identify next steps
  • Docker agent support additions under consideration
    • Docker on Windows Server 2022 LTSC requested
    • Needs additional infrastructure, request in the infra team
  • Exit (and restart) lifecycle change in the Docker images
    • Pull request merged and available in Jenkins 2.344
    • Need a blog post and/or documentation changes