Platform SIG - May 6, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Emine Sener (@EmineSener), Damien Duportal (@dduportal), Bruno Verachten (@poddingue), Basil Crow (@basil), Kevin Martens (@Kevin-CB), Tim Jacomb (@timja)


  • Open action items
    • Plugin installation manager docs - PR-4373 (closed)
      • Docs team agrees with Tim that a simple use case will be described on and detailed documentation will be kept in the GitHub repository of the tool
        • No change since last meeting, no change expected soon
  • Require Java 11 or newer for Jenkins core
    • JEP submitted to end Java 8 support in Jenkins core
    • Decision that Sep 2022 will be the LTS release that requires Java 11
      • Mark Waite update the JEP, refine the
        • Communication plan
        • Deployment plan (which weekly core release ends Java 8 support)
        • June or July (next few weeks)
        • Change the Admin banner to state an earlier date in the weekly
          • Notify the weekly users that we’re dropping very soon
      • Mark Waite prepare notification blog post
      • Tooling improvements and additional testing are ongoing
      • Open remoting issues with Java 11 that needs to be understood and resolved
    • Jira epics (Require Java 11) and backlog tracking by Basil Crow
    • Bugs that are waiting for Java 11 as minimum
      • A spotless bug (in a pull request)
      • UTF-8 for property files (localization much improved)
        • Behavior improved in Java 9+, open with UTF-8
        • Will need changes to stapler to use this new API
  • Java 17 support in Jenkins
    • Build tooling improvement largely done (thanks to Basil Crow)
    • Plugin parent pom 4.40 supports Java 17
    • Testing BOM with Java 17
    • Testing some plugins with JDK 17 in addition to JDK 11 and JDK 8
      • Encourage plugin maintainers to remove 8, add 17
    • Jira epic (Phase 1: Support Java 17) tracks tasks and next steps
      • Alex Brandes found a Jelly bug Java 17 (type resolution issue in Jelly)
        • Have a test that shows it if someone is interesting
        • Only affects Jelly views, not Groovy views
  • Docker agent support additions under consideration - Damien
    • No change since last meeting
    • Docker on Windows Server 2022 LTSC requested
    • Needs additional infrastructure, request in the infra team
      • Damien started the work to provide Windows Server 2022 in infra
        • Allow containers to run Windows Server 2022 LTSC
        • Once available, will notify
      • Open pull request is running and failing
      • Likely need to retain the Windows Server 2019 LTSC machines
  • Exit (and restart) lifecycle change in the Docker images - Mark & Basil
    • No change since last meeting
    • Pull request merged and available in Jenkins 2.344
    • Need changelog and/or upgrade guide entry
      • See the Docker documentation in the README
      • Consider a blog post as another way to highlight the change?
        • Damien willing to write it, Bruno willing to proofread it
    • First shipped in 2.332.3 LTS
      • Likely many production environments were already running with the new lifecycle
    • Bruno may be seeing a startup failure that is indicated
      • More exploration may be needed
    • One more open item with the lifecycle
      • Restart after plugin upgrade does not work on Mac M1
        • System call invocation is flawed, encodes arguments incorrectly
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Started a draft blog post on (WIP) blog: add a post about the new Docker lifecycle behavior by dduportal · Pull Request #5126 · jenkins-infra/ · GitHub. Feedbacks welcome.