Platform SIG - Jan 14, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Tim Jacomb (@timja )


  • Open action items
  • Java 8 end of life alternatives
    • Mark Waite to create Jenkins Enhancement Proposal for discussion of alternatives and rationale for the selected path, process, and timeline
    • Mostly driven by decision for when we should implement the change
      • Low feedback in the mailing list
      • Getting a date and an LTS line will be driven by the plan
      • If we need to slip the date or adjust the date, that is safer than not having the conversation
    • Oracle’s Java site says March 2022 is when “standard support” , switch to extended
    • Red Hat supports Java 8 until 2024
    • Goal: proposal available for next SIG meeting as a pull request
  • Linux operating system support policy
    • Similar to Windows with 4 tiers
  • Java 17 full support as a project
  • Switching Linux packages from System V init to systemd JENKINS-41218
  • Exit lifecycle change coming in the Docker images
    • Needs an entry in the weekly changelog
    • Update the docker run commands in the online docs, readme
    • Blog post and upgrade guide for LTS
  • Multi-platform support blog post