Some interface icons are missing

I upgraded from version 2.32x to the latest version 2.361. The upgrade was successful, but the links of some icons are in 404 status. How can I fix them?

So 2.361 is a weekly (one decimal is weekly, two isn stable/lts). Weekly changed how icons work. I don’t know the full details. Make sure you update your plugins to have the new fixes applied.

Thanks for the reply, here is the detailed page:

Cool. Doesn’t change my suggestion of making sure your plugins are updated. I’m not certain it’s fixed but it’s always the first suggestion

Thank you for your answer, I will check if it is caused by a plug-in not being updated, but this problem will not affect the actual use :smile:

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As Gavin recommended, make sure you are using up to date versions of your plugins, specifically matrix-auth has to be newer than 3.0 in order to display the correct icon on modern Jenkins versions.
I addressed the change more than 6 months ago.