Some dates are not converted to User Defined Time Zone


My Jenkins server and I are on different timezones ( Jenkins is UTC) and I have some users scattered around the world.
If I set the User Defined Time Zone in my profile to my time zone, timestamps in logs are properly converted, but the date of the jobs in the main UI are not, making it very confusing. (pipeline jobs if it makes any difference)
Did I miss a setting somewhere to force Jenkins to convert all dates from the UI to my local timezone ?

I’m using the latest LTS (2.361.4) with the latest versions of plugins


Using the correct timezone requires that all plugins actually read and use that value. Only a couple of plugins use this value up to now. If this is not done yet, you need to file a bug report for the corresponding plugin (in your case the stage view plugin).

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Thanks a lot, I’ll see what I can do

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