Change time of Jenkins Governance Meeting to 8 UTC

Currently, our Jenkins Governance Meeting is scheduled at 7 UTC every second Wednesday which is not ideal for everybody. I propose to reschedule one hour later to 8 UTC starting from October 6th. Please participate in the poll so we can see if this works for everybody.

Since we are also switching from daylight saving time back to standard time in November, I would suggest, that we then change the meeting time to 9 UTC. This means that the local time for everybody will stay the same.

  • Keep the time at 7 UTC
  • Change the time to 8 UTC
  • Both options are fine

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Ok, it looks like that the best time for the Governance board meeting is 8 UTC (and not at 7 UTC). That means that today and at 20th October the meeting time will be 8 UTC. Starting from November (then we are in standard time again) the meetings will be at 9 UTC.