Poll: new time / day for infrastructure team meeting

The Jenkins infrastructure team meets each Tuesday at 16:30 UTC. That time collides with other schedules for one or more contributors. We’d like to find a better time to meet so that more people can attend the Jenkins infrastructure team meetings and help with infrastructure.

  • Tuesday 16:00 UTC
  • Wednesday 16:00 UTC
  • Wednesday 16:30 UTC
  • Thursday 13:00 UTC
  • Thursday 15:00 UTC
  • Thursday 15:30 UTC
  • Thursday 17:00 UTC
  • Friday 14:00 UTC
  • Friday 14:30 UTC

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Yes, this is an experiment to see if this type of poll is better than a Doodle poll sent through email.

Thank you @MarkEWaite for starting this discussion. It’s important to have as many people as possible during this meeting as the purpose of it, is to have a place for direct discussion around the Jenkins infrastructure project. We already changed several times in the past the time of that meeting to better suit more people.

Yes, this is an experiment to see if this type of poll is better than a Doodle poll sent through email.

I prefer this approach over Doodle as it brings visibility to the process. So you were right to start this discussion.

I’ll close the poll tomorrow so we have at least one week to let people participate in the poll.

One of the gaps (at least for me) is that I can’t see who voted for each option. There are “key voters” that I want to assure are able to attend at the selected time, but I can’t see their specific choices. Is there a way to view more details about the votes?

“Lastly, any poll can have the voters made “public” by adding public=true to the parameter list.” – How to Create Polls - faq - Discourse Meta

I think editing the poll resets it though. Not 100% sure.

  • choice1
  • choice2

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Update: Yea, once i edited the poll, it reset all the votes

For this time, I’ll reach out to key members to validate that Friday is fine and next time we should make the poll public

I propose to cancel today’s infrastructure meeting and already use Thursday’s slot. We’ll see there if we need to adapt

Due to a timezone mistake, some votes had to be revisited.
The new winner is now Friday 2 PM UTC.

Thanks everyone. I’m closing the poll. We’ll use the technique in the future and will assure that the votes are public. Thanks to @halkeye for the pointer to public polls.