Date time and module name

I have 2 Jenkins with same version 2.235
In one Jenkins i see in maven job that it displays the date, time and the module in the console output.
and in another not.
In both the plugins are the same.

What can i change to see it the “bad” Jenkins

You may be able to find the critical difference by comparing the configuration files (config.xml and other xml files in the Jenkins home directory).

Jenkins 2.235 is a weekly release that was released over two years ago. The Jenkins project only provides security fixes for the current weekly release and the current LTS release. Missing timestamps in the build log should be less of a worry to you than the age of the Jenkins version that you are running.

Seconding the aging weekly version you’re using being a more pressing concern.

Timestamps are provided by the timestamps plugin and not the maven plugin. This will be a job configuration or possibly a Jenkins configuration (though that might only be for pipelines)

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Hi, tnx for the reply, yes I’m aware of the age of the Jenkins but this is due to necessity and not by choice, we are stuck with it as i have to use some old (perforce) plug in… Unfortunately I have did what you suggested and the files are pretty much the same, the differences are not related to the issue I have.

Hey, on both Jenkins the plug in folders are the same and I do not have the timestamps plug in there.

I think you’ll be hard pressed to find any volunteers to help you with a really old version of jenkins, using an unsupport job type (maven jobs). We can barely handle modern jenkins with freestyle and pipeline.