Force timestamper to make logs to show logs with same time zone than jenkins instance

As a devOps I in charge of a Jenkins CI/CT and Jenkins instance is using UTC time zone.
There are dev all around the word and we would like to make all the logs to use same time zone.
We use the timestamper plugin and this one makes integrates the timezone information in the logs, and then when people from other timezone read some logs, they have some logs that are not using same time zone.
Job list shows time with Jenkins time zone (it can be changed on Jenkins user settings, but we have to inform people on that function)
Stage view and logs timestamps shows local time zone timestamps. This is managed by timestamper plugin.

Is there a way to configure timestamper plugin to not calculate local times from time zones but to use the time calculated with Jenkins time zone?

does Timestamper not say you can do a query parameter to change the time? I’m not sure what /timestamp/ url is though.

I can force to use one time zone using a specific url timestamp using a specific url, but the log view is not beautiful, like raw display without any html tags are interpreted by browser.

Example of url:


You see here the ?[35m which is color formatting code.

I would like the browser to show it correctly as without using timestamper link: