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Hello, good afternoon, I have currenly a dockerfile with this tag jenkins/jenkins:2.275-centos7.

My question is where a could downloa the lastes version to jenkins

The same source that provides you the jenkins/jenkins container image with the label 2.275-centos7 can provide you the container image with the label 2.361.4-centos7. You can download it with the command:

docker pull jenkins/jenkins:2.361.4-centos7

Before upgrading across such a long range of versions, you should read the upgrade guides for the intervening versions and follow their instructions.

Why you should not use CentOS 7

You may want to consider a different operating system base. CentOS 7 is the oldest and most outdated of the operating systems supported by Jenkins. It provides the oldest version of git. It has the fewest git performance enhancements and the fewest git capabilities of any of the operating systems tested by the Jenkins project. It provides the oldest version of ssh and lacks the features added in newer versions of ssh. Choosing to run a container image based on CentOS 7 is choosing to stay with very old tools and a very old operating system.

If you want to use the most widely adopted container image, consider jenkins/jenkins:2.361.4. If you want to minimize the size of the container image, consider jenkins/jenkins:2.361.4-alpine.