Docker pull jenkins/jenkins got a different version then expected

hey guys

Im pretty new to jenkins and i am maintaining a docker based server for my team.
i was working with Jenkins 2.389 and i wanted to upgrade to 2.391 using docker pull as i have done in the past.
after recreating the container after using “docker pull jenkins/jenkins:latest”
i have noticed that the version is now 2.375.3.
now i am really confused as to why everything seems to be working but i don’t know why it did not pull 2.391

A bug in the container image publishing scripts inadvertently pushed Jenkins version 2.375.3 to the container label jenkins/jenkins:2.391. That bug has been fixed and as far as I can tell, another docker pull jenkins/jenkins:2.391 will deliver the corrected container to your system.


Hello @guttman and welcome to this community :wave:
The weekly images are now back to normal, you could use latest from now on and get the latest docker image.
But… Friends don’t let friends run latest I’ve been told. :yum:
You could have a better experience when using a “pinned” version. :person_shrugging:
My $0.02.