Jenkins upgradation 2.319.1

Hi Team,

Can you please help how to upgrade jenkins version from 2.319.1 to latest version?

How many hops should follow to reach the latest version?

What are the known issues?

My jenkins is not running on docker and it is running on RHEL 8

Spandana K


I was in a similar situation: here is a reference “guide” that I wrote up. Summarizing some lessons learned. I didn’t go 2.319 to current, but I did make some leaps and bounds. Read thru, and follow up with questions. For note, I am on RHEL8 as well.

Issues include: not upgrading using the same path as install; there is a key change in when accessing the repos, you will need to care for; backups will save your butt.

I recommend a sandbox server/VM if you can, and rollback procedures.

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