How is the best way to make update my version Jenkins currently is Jenkins 2.275

Hi, am new in jenkins in my job have the version 2.275, how is the best way to make update

Without knowing how you installed it, I would say do the same things again.

If you installed via windows installer, download a new installer and run it.
If you run it via linux package manager, install a new version via linux package manager
If you run it via docker, update container image tag, and run it again

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Good morning Thanks again, in my case is via docker, other question after updating the container what would be the step to pass the current configuration

Hello Samuel,

All could go fine, but there are sometimes breaking changes, so switching directly from 2.275 to 2.361.4 LTS could cause some problems…
Please have a look at the changelog.

As for Docker, the current documentation looks too complicated for a beginner user (I include me in that).
I now use docker-compose instead of a direct docker command, and it’s easier to understand/maintain from my point of view.

Are you using Jcasc?