Jenkins 2.346.3 to 2.361.1 uprade failure using Helm chart

Jenkins setup: upgrading Jenkins from docker image “2.346.3-lts-centos7” to “2.361.1-lts-centos7” fails with below error

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected 1 instance of but got 0

Hello @preetsindhal, and welcome to this community! :wave:

As a preliminary warning, please read this blog post by @MarkEWaite: End of life operating systems. You should definitely replace CentOS 7 with another operating system. I understand that you’re using CentOS 7 through Docker, but it’s essential.

By the way, what is your host OS, and what is your Docker version?

The “new” (to you) image you’re trying to use is more than a year old. I understand it can be challenging to jump from an old version to the latest LTS, so I can see why you’re trying to do it gradually. However, it’s always better to keep up with the pace of using the latest LTS when available.

In the meantime, could you try another close relative to CentOS 7: 2.361.1-lts-rhel-ubi8-jdk11?