Reviewing the weekly changelog

Documentation office hours (Asia) were previously scheduled about 12 hours before the Jenkins weekly release build. We used that timing to review the weekly changelog and make updates before the release.

We’ve moved Documentation office hours 3 days later so that it immediately precedes the Google Summer of Code office hours (Asia). That works well for the schedules of several documentation contributors. However, it means that we can’t review the weekly changelog as a group.

I’ve proposed that we’ll each review the automated weekly changelog separately and provide comments in the pull request associated with the changelog. Then someone with permission to modify the Jenkins core pull request descriptions can update those pull request descriptions based on the reviews.

The shift from a group review to asynchronous review may make the changelog review less effective, but it allows Asia contributors to only need one office hours meeting a week.

If you’d like to be part of the review team, join us for documentation office hours (Europe/Africa) or for documentation office hours (Asia). See the following pull requests for examples of the automated changelog generator for weekly releases:

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