Removing usernames of removed users

When removing an user from jenkins it is automatically added again since this users is in build logs. Due to the GDPR and the right to be forgotten we are looking at solution to remove/rename these users. Is there any way of doing this?

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Are you using Configuration as Code?
When I go to http://my-jenkins-controller/manage/asynchPeople/ I can see some users that I have not defined, and that I can’t find in the users part of the Jcasc configuration file.
For each of these users, I can click on them and then hit delete… and I guess this can also be done via the Jenkins cli.
Nevertheless, I don’t know if these deletions will come back after restarting the controller… :thinking:

the git plugin will automatically (by default) for any user it sees in the git commit history.

You can disable this in Global Configuration though

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