New Jenkins Instance - How to Change USERNAME, USERPROFILE

Migrating to a new version of Jenkins. All is going well so far, but I have run into an issue with the USERNAME and USERPROFILE.

This setup is on Jenkins 2.414.1. And my USERNAME for System Properties is my Machine Name and the USERPROFILE is some random windows file. I would like to change these, but cannot find a spot to edit these in the GUI or a config file to edit.

These are under Manage Jenkins > System Information


I assume you are running Jenkins as a service on your setup? If so, to change the user that Jenkins is running as, you would need to change the login information in the service definition. USERPROFILE would use whatever the USERPROFILE value is for the user you specify as the login for the service. I would recommend using a service account for login, not LocalSystem.

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Thanks Alex - that was it. I appreciate the assistance!

Glad its working and happy to help