Email from specific user cannot be removed


I’m attaching three pictures. I wish to remove the user email address for notification. I’m going to explain through stages:

  1. I wish to remove email of Dave user so I empty the E-mail address textbox and I clicked Save (Jenkins stage 1.jpg)

  2. I go to Manage Jenkins then People and I select Dave → Configure and I see the E-mail address textbox as empty for several minutes.

  3. Then I repeated step 2 and I see the E-mail address filled saying So I repeat the three steps and actually the E-mail cannot be removed for this specficic user (Dave).

The other users email can be removed. That’s rare. What can I do? Do I have to remove this People Dave?

Maybe Jenkins installation integrity is different.

Are you using any type of login mechanism like AD or just Jenkins own user database?

I don’t see anything about Active Directory on Installed Plugins nor Configure Global Security. So I think it’s using its own user database.

You could look in the xml files in JENKINS_HOME and see if it can be removed there. You may need to stop Jenkins, remove the data and start again.

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I executed the instructions as folows:

  1. cd /var/lib/jenkins
  2. grep -R “dave” *.xml // But I didn’t find something related to ‘’

So I don’t know where is stored.