Regarding beginner friendly issue

The scerenshot says that there is 1 spotbugs warning that has not been suppressed. It will either need to be suppressed or fixed before the build will pass.

The spotbugs.failOnError property is set to true by default. It should be removed from the change.

now this showing after removing spotbugs.failonError

A suggestion on stackoverflow indicates that your IDE may be configured incorrectly. Jenkins plugin development can be done with Java 11 (file version 55) and with Java 17 (file version 61), but it is best to configure your IDE to match the Java version you’re running from the command line. Use either Java 11 or Java 17 for your development, or accept that you need to make more calls to git clean -xffd or mvn clean in order to resolve differences between your command line Java version and your IDE Java version

I am not an active user of VSCode. If that advice does not resolve the issue for you, you may need to seek help from others.

is this ok now I have done clean verify its build successfully

I am really not able to say “this is ok” based on the screenshot. The picture looks OK, but there is a lot more involved in “ok” than a successful compile. Once you have a successful compile and have committed changes and have created a pull request, then others can review for “ok”.

Just a quick message as a reminder: no GitHub checks will be able to run today due to the Maintenance with downtime of JFrog Artifactory ( 18 of December of 2022 (09:00am UTC) .

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why build failure is happening what’s wrong with this

It’s totally impossible to guide you without knowing the actual error. Furthermore, even if there was an error message in this message, communicating via screenshot is not efficient since it doesn’t allow for copy paste.

Here are a few guidelines to help others helping you:

  • clearly report on the issue you face: 1. I changed this and ran this command, 2. I was expecting this output; 3. I observed that output. 4. My environment is: Os version (uname -a, Java version (java -version) Maven version (man -version)
  • optionally open a draft Pull Request with your changes for others to reproduce the issue
  • remember that “build failure” doesn’t mean a thing without context, the build log probably contains an actual error message. In this specific case, you can see that spotbugs caused the error, if you scroll a bit up the build log, it should give you an error code and the line the error occurred in. You can usually google the spot bug error code and find useful documentation on the topic on how to resolve the error.
  • a screenshot is not the proper way to report an error, prefer text that can be copy pasted
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I have added spot bugs and run mnv clean verify and it showing me build failure

You ignored the suggestion from @PierreBtz . The suggestion was that you include more details in the request for help and make those details text rather than a screenshot.

When you ignore suggestions from people that are helping you, you decrease the likelihood of them helping you in the future.

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sorry I will try asking the question of how you ask me to do

Hey, I added a contributing guide in the skip-certificate-check-plugin but when I try to publish this change it is showing me this error how can I fix it?

You should make sure you have commited first then use git pull, then do git push.

@MarkEWaite can you provide me some more stuff in which I can contribute

@pushker001 It would be better for you to independently discover issues to work on, so that it will show us you are capable of being an independent contributor during the contributor selection process. One way is to use existing and published material to give you a hint about what issues need help with and where, like this article for Jenkins participation in Hacktoberfest 2022: Hacktoberfest.