Read access to the XML/JSON API on CI server

How can I get read access to the XML/JSON API on CI server? ( of the project. I need this to get lightweight test results information to check for potential performance issues.
Who would be the right person to contact with?

Some parts are restricted, see Redirects from for more information.

If you want to aggregate test results for your plugin outside the common “buildPlugin” configuration, you can add more analysis tools with the default pipeline configuration.
Plugins like warnings-ng are available on, and you can use its extensive tool set to record more results of your plugin.

Alexander, thank you for the response.
Let me make my request more specific.

Before making a plugin, I need to check that the math works and gives reliable results. This requires data. Therefore, I am looking for opportunities to get access p to this particular server ( in order to check that the theory works for the tests of the Jenkins project (e.g. test execution times for Core on the master branch per week). It is a pretty small amount of data that will not “abusive loads on our Jenkins installation”.

As example the URL[name,url,builds[number,result,duration,url]{0,2}]
returns the empty JSON for an anonymous user.

I’m looking for an entry point to an access approval procedure.
Many thanks for considering my request.

We don’t have a process to provide additional access to the REST API on that controller. I recommend that you look for some other way to get the validation data that you need. You could configure your own Jenkins controller, add a Windows agent and a Linux agent, and build Jenkins core on those two agents. That will give you a job that looks quite similar to the build of Jenkins core on

If you truly cannot find another way to get the data that you need, then you can open an infrastructure help desk ticket with the Jenkins infrastructure team to see if it is feasible within their time and their priorities to grant REST API access to specific users.

I believe the REST API access points on are blocked at the reverse proxy, before they ever reach the Jenkins controller. I suspect that it would be significant effort to grant REST API access to specific users.

Thanks a lot for the detailed answer.
Unfortunately, the question turned out to be more complicated than I initially imagined.
Thanks for the suggested options - I’ll try them.