No Java api to transfer the TestNG result plugin graph data from jenkins dashboard to some external site?

I am doing lot of research on how can I move my testng result graph from Jenkins Dashboard to somewhere ? so I was looking for any Java api which does that ?

I have installed this testng plugin in my Jenkins and I want to transfer TestNg Results Trend graph to somewhere like any site or microservice.

  1. Can any body help me in that ? how we can achieve this ?
  2. Does TestNg result plugin generate any short of x-y cordinate that I could use to generate the graph on somesite.? or how can I use xml file to generate the cordinates of x and y so that I will be able to generate the data but that data should generate this kind of graph which testng is generating ?

enter image description here

I don’t think that this is possible. You need to add a corresponding remote API endpoint in the plugin to obtain the data (or the image results).

Is there a reason that you are using the testng plugin and not the junit plugin? What makes that plugin special that you cannot use the default test plugin (junit) for Jenkins?

Actually I am specifically looking for the testng graph to be shown on some website so I was looking for the api which do collect this testng graph and transfer it to some website.

BTW how can we add the remote api endpoint in the plugin to obtain the data ?

You need to provide a PR that implements such an API endpoint. It is quite easy to write, basically a method that returns a list of Java bean instances.

Documentation, see:

Example implementation: