Question best, LAST LTS version that support JAVA 1.8?

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Looking for community advice, please.
Please see below, 1-2.
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Background Information
I must upgrade our Jenkins to the most recent LTS version available, that SUPPORTS JAVA 1.8.
Based on LTS CHANGE LOG the following versions are the LAST LTS to SUPPORT JAVA 1.8.
2.346.* series:

My question please:
Of the three versions above, which is the most stable / reliable ?
I work with a large team of developers who will use this system.
Important, production environment.
I need to determine the best of the three please.
I assume 2.346.3 (the most recent) is the best.
Correct? 2.346.3

The ratings provided from users for those three releases are not much different: I’d choose 2.346.3 because it includes the most recent fixes. In each case, many positive reviews, a few observations of an issue, and links to the issues that you can review to decide if they matter to you.

You should be challenging why your organization can’t upgrade to Java 11, but I assume that is a different fight than your question is asking







Thanks Mark

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Thanks the for the information.


NOTE - the department in which I work is staying with Java 1.8 since the entire build system (from Tomcat to Sonar) is ALL synchronized to use the same Java 1.8. We are keeping the eco-system homogeneous with Java 1.8 for now.

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your above advice.
I did more research across the 2.346.* series, trying to make a decision for the large department I work for. VERIONS 2.346.3 has more community-reported MEMORY related issues than 2.346.2, as seen on the online LTS Change Log.
Example 2.346.3 memory issues:

2×JENKINS-69352  Multiple concurrent builds cause severe memory spikes
2×JENKINS-65873  OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread
1×JENKINS-69478  Native memory allocation (malloc) failed to allocate 536870928 bytes 

Can you please answer the below questions?
Thanks in advance.
~ John Dove

The above LTS 2.346.3 memory issues are NOT reported in 2.346.2
My conclusion is that 2.346.2 is more stable memory-wise.

I assume the above MEMORY issues will only be fixed in LTS versions 2.361 and above, requiring Java 11+

My conclusion is that 2.346.2 would be the most stable for a large organization, running many concurrent builds. Do you agree? Just trying to make an important decision here.
We want to avoid memory problems.
Please advise.

Not as far as I can tell from reading the issue reports. Changes between 2.346.2 and 2.346.3 make 2.346.3 a better choice than 2.346.2, specifically for JENKINS-65873,.

JENKINS-69352 is specific to Java 11.0.16 and is resolved in Java

JENKINS-69478 is specific to Java 11.0.16 and is resolved in Java

Since your use case does not involve Java 11, you should be unaffected. The issue was fixed in the 2.346.3 container image when it was switched from Java 11.0.16 to Java

No, I think that 2.346.3 is a better choice than 2.346.2.


Thanks again for the advice.

Very much appreciated.

~ John