Plugin Development training videos

Hi there!

I am new to Jenkins Plugin Development and I just found this video Plugin Development - Basics - YouTube from 2016.

I was wondering if the content is still valid.


As a non heavy plugin developer…

i would use GitHub - jenkinsci/archetypes: Collection of Maven archetypes to get developers started instead of hpi:create

Skimming through the video, it seems mostly right. I think extending builder is probably not the recommendation anymore as this is freestyle heavy solution, I think you want to extend SimpleBuildStep these days, ~but that might only be pipeline (which is okay by me, but not for everyone).~ the video does cover this.

So overall I think yea its pretty good.

Thanks! I am trying with RootAction.

I find it really helpful to check out Extensions Index and then see what others have done, here is the list for rootaction: Extension Points defined in Jenkins Core

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