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I know its come up a few times in multiple context (once with @oleg-nenashev and once with @batmat comes to mind), but I just saw that gatsbyjs just posted a new job board with

I don’t know about anyone else, but I think that might be a good lead to reach out to. Does anyone else have any ideas for hosting a jenkins job board?


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I think this could be at least a starting point. All for something :slight_smile:

How do you propose we move forward, should someone initiate contact with Placement? And/or contact the Gatsby project to get info about this, if anybody here knows someone in the Gatsby team?

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Side note, domain is available


I’m leaning towards just replying on twitter later today and point them to this thread :slight_smile:

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I reached out to them on twitter. There’s a bug preventing me from creating a custom job board, but they hope to have fixes next week :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

In addition we could put up custom jobs on the list, so if we wanted to start advertising for new officers or something we could.

I can’t wait to try something and see if it fits our needs.


Jenkins Jobs – Job Board by Placement exists btw

I wasn’t super impressed so I forgot to post here.

It seems like it’s just jobs that mention Jenkins. I was hoping we could have a listing of companies that use Jenkins.

Apparently we can put custom postings on if we want (like for GSOC mentors or something)

Jenkins Jobs – Job Board by Placement does not seem to provide much relevant jobs, as well as job searches for various tech. is much better in those regards, I assume the only way to have a decent board would be to maintain it… IMHO would be better to just create a topic on the platform we maintain for now

As long as someone is availalble to moderate and maintain it. I’m not backing more projects without owners, volunteers are spread too thin as it is.