Jenkins was in failed state in the vm machine, it asked to update java and jenkins got upgraded

Jenkins was in failed state in the vm machine, it asked to update java and when we upgraded java and restarted the jenkins, jenkins got upgraded. Currently the UI is of version 2.452.1. Our jobs are there, we were partially to able to access. full job is not there because of plugin. I need a help to fix this, as the jobs in the jenkins we were used for dataflow issues to resolve in production and its bit critical. Kindly help.
Previous jenkins: 2.235.2
java: JDK 1.8

We als tried to create a new machine install jenkins of older version, it throws error on GPG Key during installation on Rockylinux9 and Ubuntu 24.04 version.

Hello and welcome to this community, @chithra. :wave:

It seems like you’re facing two issues here:

  • After upgrading Jenkins and Java, some jobs are not fully accessible due to a plugin issue.
  • You’re having trouble installing an older version of Jenkins on a new machine due to a GPG key error.

Let’s address the first issue for now:
Plugin Issue After Jenkins Upgrade: The issue might be due to incompatible or outdated plugins.
Here are the steps to troubleshoot this:

  • Go to the Jenkins dashboard and navigate to “Manage Jenkins” > “Manage Plugins”.
  • Go to the “Updates” link on the left, check if there are any updates available for your plugins. If updates are available, select them and click “Restart Jenkins when installation is complete and no jobs are running”.

If updating the plugins doesn’t solve the issue, you might need to identify the specific plugin causing the issue and reinstall or downgrade it (look at the logs!)

@poddingue Thanks for your response, i will try the solutions suggested.

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