Jenkins upgrade from version 2.319.2 to 2.346.2 issue

Hi Team,

Current Jenkins version :- 2.319.2
Server :- Apache Tomcat 9.0.44
Method to deploy:- We are downloading latest war file from official jenkins website and deploying it into Tomcat/Webapps folder.

We are currently using Jenkins version 2.319.2 and we are upgrading to 2.346.2 version. After upgrading to latest version it’s taking from scratch steps like(Create Adminuser, asking password,…etc) due to this we loss our previous version all the data like users,nodes,jobs,plugins everything.
Why it’s not taking previous version home directory…?

Please suggest me on this. what was the issue…? It’s critical issue for me and blocking me to upgrade to latest version.

Hi @degasuresh ,

Did you make a backup before upgrading Jenkins’ version?
Is it too late to put back the 2.319.2 war file in place, and do the backup properly?

Hi @poddingue ,

yes i have taken backup of war file 2.319.2 before upgrading to latest version 2.346.2.
What I’m asking why it not showing previous version of all the Jobs, users. plugins, nodes …etc. It showing fresh Jenkins installation after we upgrade to the 2.346.2 version What is the issue here please.

Sorry if I did not make myself clear.
I was talking about the backup of your data, not of the Jenkins war.
Do you have a zip file, or a folder with your previous configuration?

Hi @poddingue ,

I have folder with previous configuration.

Current Jenkins version 2.319.2 we have home directory is referred on E:\WindowsJenkins\Jenkins path.
Now we are upgrading to 2.346.2 instead of it’s point to E:\WindowsJenkins\Jenkins path it’s pointing to C:\Jenkins.(In C drive previously we don’t have Jenkins folder while we deploy latest war file 2.346.2 in Webapps folder it’s creating instantly and pointing to this path C:\Jenkins. due to this it’s fresh installation i guess.

Why like this anybody idea …?please suggest on this.

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The latest guide is here: Upgrading to Jenkins LTS 2.346.x .
Maybe you could have a look at the previous upgrade guides for other LTS, starting with the 2.332: Upgrading to Jenkins LTS 2.332.x .

For example; I see:

Support for setting the Jenkins home directory via Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) has been removed. The Jenkins home directory may still be set using the -DJENKINS_HOME Java system property or the JENKINS_HOME environment variable.

Users who load jenkins.war via a servlet container like Tomcat should refer to their servlet container’s documentation for information on how to customize Java system properties or environment variables.

For example, the Tomcat servlet container accepts custom Java system properties in the CATALINA_OPTS environment variable.

You’re welcome.
That’s my understanding.
In my old days, we used to define options for Tomcat in a script file.
I don’t know what would be handier for you, but you could define this -DJENKINS_HOME in the CATALINA_OPTS variable.

Hello @degasuresh ,

You could maybe have a look at the options set in Configure Global Security.

Hi @poddingue ,

Configure Global Security . options we didn’t added/changed recently previously it’s worked fine and recently we are getting this issue.

Not sure why this issue. It’s blocking me to add new users and assign access to users.