Jenkins support for Ukraine: Artwork

On the CDF website there is a small message re: support for Ukraine [1]. @knenasheva who has done many wonderful artwork for Jenkins designed this image [2]. Would the project like to use this image on the homepage to show support for Ukraine, perhaps along with similar messaging as the one on Jenkins has millions of users around the world perhaps this simple message could help with the truth. @knenasheva welcomes all feedback on the image.




I like the idea to add the logo on the homepage!

The new logo looks great as well. (I must admit that I actually do not understand the hair and mustache styling, is this a typical Ukrainian style?)

ref Hair and mustache: although my knowledge of eastern Europe is very superficial, I believe it is a reference to the Cossacks (Cossacks - Wikipedia). It is quite neutral and would not make us slip into community bashing.

I think that this logo would be appropriate.

So +1 for me.

/- Jmm

Checked a hunch and I am now convinced that the character is a reference to Taras Boulba (Taras Bulba - Wikipedia). So the reference is appropriate and I keep my vote.

/- Jmm

Re-read my message and wanted to add some colour to the Taras Bulba reference: the reference is clearly the Yul Brynner 1962 film: Taras Bulba Banque d'image et photos - Alamy

/- Jmm

Below is the message from @knenasheva

it’s Cossacks

The Cossacks [a] are a group of predominantly East Slavic Orthodox Christian people who became known as members of democratic, self-governing, semi-military communities originating in the steppes of Eastern Europe (in particular the Dnieper, in the Wild Fields).[1] They inhabited sparsely populated areas and islands in the lower Dnieper,[2] Don, Terek, and Ural river basins, and played an important role in the historical and cultural development of both Ukraine and Russia.[3][4]

Now the Cossacks are associated with Ukraine.

My friends from Ukraine prompted me to use this particular character.



Two artworks have been proposed.