Advocacy and Outreach SIG Meeting - March 24, 2022

Attending: Alyssa, Mark W, Jean-Marc Meessen


  • Remove Jenkins is the Way on jumbotron
    • Add cdCon & contributor summit to the jumbotron
    • JMM added cdCon
    • MW to remove the JITW image
    • Work w/ infra team to make redirect from old location to new location after new location is available. Mark Waite
  • Ukraine invasion by Russia and the Jenkins project
    • Proposal to temporarily change Jenkins logo on to support Ukraine
    • Board agreed that the CDF message can be placed on the site immediately but would like more votes and more discussion on the Cossack image as Oleg raised concern.
  • Jenkins is the Way site hosting and url update
  • GSoC
    • 1 hour brainstorming session for git cache maintenance on the controller.
    • Interest to organize a 1-hour brainstorm session for “plugin health score”.

Proposal to hold it on Thursday March 31 at 14:00 UTC (10pm CST (China), 7:30pm IST (India), 16:00 CEST (Europe), 10am Eastern (US), 08am Mountain (US))

  • 2 proposal drafts received for project ideas:

  • Org admins work on template for grading. Initial draft created, will solicit past mentors for feedback, should this be done via PR?

    • Answer: No, posting on communities/ on mentor channel is sufficient [MW]
    • JMM: We need to figure out how to deal with ties and define guidelines for acceptance or not during the grading process.
  • cdCon 2022

    • Jenkins contributor summit - eta Friday, June 10. Officially announce next wk.
    • Let’s plan to start planning April 1
    • There was a suggestion of doing a hybrid contributor summit because cdCon is a hybrid event. MW suggest we stick with local contributor summit because AT and MW will be there locally, plus there will be a good # of local participants attending the conference. Perhaps consider a remote contributor summit a few weeks later.