Jenkins run another job on quiet mode

I have a Jenkinsfile that calls another job. It looks something like this: (Other than that there’s onlt the pipeline wrapper with agent any.

stage('Call Job1') {
            build job: 'Job1', parameters: [
                    [$class: 'StringParameterValue', name: 'gitBranch', value: "${gitBranch}"],
                    [$class: 'StringParameterValue', name: 'callingJob', value: "${JOB_NAME}"]

But for some reason, it runs the job on really long quiet mode, even though it’s not defined anywhere:

(pending—In the quiet period. Expires in 9 hr 40 min)

When I go to said job and put in the same parameters manually, it works right away.

Am I doing something wrong? I couldn’t find anything online

Thanks ahead!

SOLVED: called the job like this:

build job: 'Job1', quietPeriod: 0,parameters

though I feel like there should be a better solution.

I think the default quiet mode is like 10 seconds. Its essentially to prevent double builds when scm sends webhooks. Its configurable per job. So that other job is set to 10 hour quiet time.

So if you want to override it, then what you did is fine

If you want to change that quiet period, it would be in the configuraiton/jenkinsfile of the other job.