One build erase the last one

Hello everyone, i’m using Jenkins 2.375.1 LTS and here is my problem:

I’m using a job for close an application on my desktop and then i reload this same application. After that i trigger another build (yes all theses jobs are in a campaign). But when the last job starts, the application that was launched by the previous job is closing down.

But i need this application to run the next job which is on the web.

How can I let the first job with the app running when I launch the next job ?

Thanks a lot , have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hello @Skybright and welcome to this community :wave:

Are you using the built-in node, or do you have a Windows Jenkins agent which is separate from the controller?

Check Spawning Processes From Build,
normally jenkins tries to clean up all processes on end of jobs.

You should reconsider your job design, better start everything that is needed for a test in the job and clean up in the end.


Thanks a lot for your answer everythings fine since i reconsider the job design.

I’m using some scripts (powershell) and thats fine. Ah and yeah there was a script who got some bugs…