Jobs triggered twice


We have an issue with our Jenkins server LTS v2.303.1.

When we build jobs with parameters, they are built a first time and a second time immediately after the first one.

The issue appears when I call the building page with the default URL (“https://[Jenkins_server]/[path to project]/job/[project]/build?delay=0sec”)

But if I’m calling the modified URL “https://[Jenkins_server]/[path to project]/job/[project]/build?delay=1sec”, everything is fine, and jobs are built only once

We have this problem since the upgrade of Jenkins version from 2.204.2.

The issue appears with version 2.39 and 2.41 of the parameterized-trigger plugin.
Do you know how to fix this issue ?

Is there a way to change the default value of the delay before the job is built, from “0” to “1” ?

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Christophe Lambey.

Sounds like to me that you have a webhook firing as well, and the 1sec delay just puts it into the timeout period

At the top of your job it should say what triggered the run, for example for me from github it says:

Hello Halkeye.

Thank you for your answer.

On my side, the job is built manually, by clicking on the menu “Build with Parameters”.

And the result is the following :

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for both of them? then your probably double clicking? I’m thinking one is manual and one is triggered by something else.