Matrix jobs missing parameters


I’m not yet willing to call this a bug; I am mostly trying to find information.

We are running Jenkins 2.332.3, with Matrix project plugin 772.v494f19991984

In general, it seems to work just fine; kicking off child jobs with everything intact. However, I am running into instances this week where one of the child jobs doesn’t have the job parameters set on the parent (but the rest of them do).

My assumption is that something is going on with our system (maybe a reboot has happened or something), but I can’t seem to find any tracking information. The Console logs on the parent side simply say the job was triggered, while the console log on the child side crashes because the parameter doesn’t exist.

What I have noticed is that these are usually associated with a long wait time (i.e. the child job is triggered, but waits in the cue for 10+ hours). Is it possible that a restart (either on the Jenkins server, the parent node, or child node) would cause this?

It is difficult to reproduce because of the long wait times and possible restart required.

What I would like to know:

  • Does this behavior sound familiar to anyone?
  • If so, when does it occur?
  • Is there something I can do to get better information on these jobs when they kick off?