Creating a multiple configuration job

Hey guys, i wanted to setup a multi configuration project and got the plugin “Matrix projects” therefor, but still cant choose the option. Does anybody know what is missing?

Why can’t you chose the option? what behavior/ui/ux/whatever is preventing you from doing so?

I just cant see the option to choose and i dont know why. Im not sure if i need any other plugins, but i couldnt find anything.

Btw, i got Jenkins version 2.263.4 and updating is not an option. The Matrix Project Plugin requires 2.282 (

But on Jenkins 2.222.3 (other server) i can choose Multi-Configuration Project. That confuses me a bit, so is there any other Plugin? Or something else i didnt see yet?

you’ll have to run an older version of the plugin. Your plugin manager tab should install the right version. If your doing it by hand you’ll have to check when that required version was changed.

As for why its not showing up. I would check your startup logs and plugin manager to see if it failed to load

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that was the issue, thanks a lot for your support :slight_smile: