Jenkins gives a 504 when clicked on build with parameters

Hello, I am facing an issue with jenkins, when we click on build with parameters, this caused an outage.
when clicked on build with params it gave a 504, I am trying to figure out what could have been the reason behind.
I have checked the load balancer logs which sits in front of it and could see that jenkins did not respond to that requests until there was a restart triggered.
Have gone through jenkins logs which does not clear what could have been an issue.
Resource consumption on the master was under control, when this issue happened.
If anyone has any information related to this, your suggestions are most welcomed.

a 504 is not something jenkins would send. It means that the backend service is taking too long to respond.

My guess was that the pipieline for that job is doing something that is preventing other things on the controller from running. Can you share your pipeline at all? or maybe your controllers logs?

We can’t really do much with “it doesn’t work”

@halkeye thankyou for your reply. I want to attach the logs for that hour where I had faced issue, however I am unable to upload the file here.

Is there any other way I can upload/share the file here? as the content of the file will be too much here.

github gist maybe?

In general you should take a look at the logs and look for errors before needing to share it.

@halkeye I have checked for it, didn’t find any.

You can get the logs from here GitHub - vijaygupta12/Jenkins-logs

Follow instructions on Obtaining a thread dump to understand what’s happening while the page is loading (before ultimately having the 504 timeout).