Jenkins Pipeline Hangs at the Beginning

Hello, I am trying to create a scripted pipeline but it hangs at the begining " Running on [Jenkins] …/workspace@2" even not stages. I tried example from jenkins itself, I dont think it is about script mistake

Edit: I also cant stop it normally, I need to call /kill.


That may indicate that you have an outdated plugin that uses Guava and a Jenkins core version that provides a newer version of Guava. The Guava upgrade blog post notes that plugins need to be updated to their most recent releases.

The upgrade guides for Jenkins long term support releases also regularly state that plugins need to be updated to their most recent releases.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, then you’ll need to provide the Jenkins version and the installed plugin versions that you are using so that others can attempt to duplicate the problem.

Thank you, I will try to upgrade all. Should I be prepared possible issues after plugin upgrade? I mean is this process risky?

Yes, there is risk that a plugin upgrade may bring in a plugin bug that affects you. In my Jenkins configuration, I sometimes test plugin upgrades in a temporary controller before applying them in the production controller. It is certainly worth performing a backup before upgrading many plugins, just in case you need to fallback to the configuration before the upgrade.