Jenkins not working after upgrading

After upgrading jenkins from 3.269 to 3.275, service running but unable to see site in browser

Thats really old. Community barely can handle helping out for modern versions, let alone versions years old.

Recommend you look at the logs, or in any way find some sort of error, community can’t help with “doesn’t work, fix it for me”

Sorry my bad,
Jenkins is superbly working till 2.374,
And when we upgrade to 2.375 or higher We are unable to access the site on browser but service is running fine, and surprisingly no logs in errors,
Seems like I am missing dependency or some other logs,
Can anyone help me in finding…

Hi @vinodb
When you enter jenkins urls in browser what did you see?

Hi @Jana
When we try to access <jenkins_ip>:8080 or 8443, we are getting

This site can’t be reached