Why jenkins does not show the login page

I’ve upgraded Jenkins from version 2.220 to 2.320.

I can load the Jenkins from the browser, but it doesn’t show me the login page.

Note that, I’ve upgraded its compatible plugins.

What did I miss here?

Is there a particular reason you chose 2.320? That’s a quite dated, and random, choice for a weekly release. Typically, you want one of the latest weekly releases, given only these are maintained and contain bug fixes.

is it okay to jump from version 2.220 to the latest? I thought that it would trigger so many errors, and a lot of plugins would not work properly, CMIIW.

Definitely, pay attention to the upgrade guides, if there are any, and review the changelogs carefully, to see if you need to update anything else aside plugins, too.
Regularly updating Jenkins closes major update gaps like these :wink:

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I will try it. Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it. Have a great day!