Jenkins not performing well in Apple M2 chip laptop

I installed Jenkins LTS version (Jenkins v2.444) in my Apple Mac M2 Pro chip laptop which has 32 GB SSD RAM.

After installing, I saw very slow performance of Jenkins server. I did stopped all other services in the laptop but still experienced the same issue. I even tried giving 4GB heap as below, but still experiencing the same slowness.

It takes 1-5 mins to go from one page to another page. Its a frustrating experience.

/opt/homebrew/opt/openjdk/bin/java -Xms1024m -Xmx4096m -Dmail.smtp.starttls.enable=true -jar /opt/homebrew/opt/jenkins-lts/libexec/jenkins.war --httpListenAddress= --httpPort=8080

When tried with another Macbook M1 Pro chip, the performance was good.

Is this a known issue? Please advise.

It is not a known issue. I’ve not seen any other reports of poor performance on an Apple Mac with M2 processor and 32 GB RAM.

I tried increasing the memory using JVM params and still see the issue. Is there any recommendations from you to improve the performance

I don’t have access to a macOS machine running an M2 processor, but you might try removing the extra arguments to see if that behaves any better

java -jar /opt/homebrew/opt/jenkins-lts/libexec/jenkins.war --httpPort=8080

Thank you, it worked.