Recommended Apple hardware for running Jenkins? M1 Max worth it over M1?

Being new to all Jenkins and having the role of the IT guy at the company I work I’m trying to figure out what hardware is good to aim for if setting up a new server and preferably on Apple hardware.

Trying to figure our if there will be any major difference between a M1 Mac mini with 16 GB RAM compared to a M1 Max Mac Studio with 32 GB RAM? Of course there will be problems if things go beyond the RAM limit, but CPU wise I wonder if the Max will be so much faster than the M1 in the Mac mini?

Seems the difference is not that big according to tests by Alex who runs this YouTube channel:

But he’s not testing Jenkins as far as I can see.
Is it the Java process that eats CPU when Jenkins is doing its thing or are there other processes involved?

Any ideas?

Okay, I see now it is the Java process that spikes when building stuff in Jenkins. Do we know it that makes use of multithreading? Is there a direct benefit of going for more cores or is there a limit? Depending on the Java distribution perhaps? Many questions… :slight_smile: