Jenkins LTS Docker fails to serve with multiple pid looping issue

Hi Team,

We are using Jenkins LTS(Jenkins 2.375.3) latest docker image and once we upgraded to the latest version we observed that the jenkins contianer spinup for every 12 hours due to some failures. While we dig into it we observed that old jenkins container have just 9 pids for the jenkins process but new one goes like crazy 27k.

ps -ef | grep jenkins | wc -l → gives like some counts in thousands.

We need some fix here please

Hello @rasulcando and welcome to this community :wave:

There are quite a lot of different images for 2.375.3 LTS, which one do you use?
The jenkins/jenkins:2.375.3-lts?

Would you have any logs to share?
What was the version you were using beforehand?
Are you using an image of your own based on the 2.375.3 image?
How are you handling your plugins?