I made a complete Jenkins controller / agent Pipeline in Docker!

GitHub project

For a recent project I needed a pipeline to build a Docker image and push it to a local registry.

This project stands up a complete Jenkins instance (running in a Docker container) with an admin:admin user. It also comes with agent containers that can be spun up to act as executors. All of the connection stuff is handled automatically.

It comes with a Jenkinsfile in the repo to run a demonstration Pipeline that lints & tests some Python code and then puts that into an ubuntu image and pushes it to the registry (also included)

It’s built to be easy to customize your execution environment & build outputs.


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Thanks so much! I submitted a pair of pull requests to switch from “slave” to “agent” and from “master” to “controller”. Jenkins deprecated the terms “slave” and “master” several years ago.

See Pull requests · ZaneH/jenkins-docker-in-docker-full · GitHub

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Thanks for those improvements Mark, I like conventions. Just merged