Issues with Jenkins Pipeline with docker daemon

Hi there, I am sorry if this forum is not intended to ask general questions. I will appreciate anyone from experts to address this issue I have got. Plz find the link [Discussion] Getting `jenkins` communication issue with docker daemon · Issue #13 · devopsjourney1/jenkins-101 · GitHub Thanks

Hi @MarkEWaite @halkeye , can you take a look into it and suggest any solution you would like to? Thanks


As a general rule if i can’t easily tell what the question is, i move on. In this case I had to look at a different site, and pages of content, and still didn’t have any idea what was being asked.

I recommend you streamline your question to just the stuff that doesn’t work, include error message, what you did, what you expected, and what happened.

Also very not cool to just randomly ping people.