Upgrade do algolia search v3

So some of you might have noticed that has upgraded to a new search. It’s results are way cleaner than v2, and I have access to tweak and test the configuration. Its scheduled to crawl every tuesday, so my tweaks of the data will go live tomorrow.

One issue is that the new component completely replaces the search box. I can revert it to the old behavior, but this is recommended. This means our existing styling doesn’t really work on mobile as it goes from a full input box to a button that triggers the dialog box.

I’m thinking it makes more sense to have the mobile button next (before or after) to the full menu expansion.

My only real concern is that to do it nicely, i’d want to do it on the large page view too

While I can leave it before the download box, it’ll make the css to do this whole thing a lot harder. I personally like search being top right and after the download button.

What do you all think?

Thanks so much for the upgraded search. It looks great and is working very well.

I think that top right corner and after the download button is just fine.

@kmartens27 what do you think?

I love it, the Algolia search is a wonderful improvement and looks to be providing more accurate results when searching. Thanks so much for all of your work on this @halkeye !

Crawler runs every tuesday at about 21:30 utc

I’ll keep an eye on those errors and slowly fixed them (I did one for authors redirects earlier in the week)