What content is currently indexed in our search?

I tried to find a blog post but it looks like these posts are not part of the index. Then I also tried to find some top level pages without success as well. E.g., I tried “UI”, “gsoc”, “Hafner”, “governance” without any results that I would have expected (only some developer resources).

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Yea I was noticing that too the other day when I was looking for something.

Looks like according to docsearch-configs/jenkins.json at 7b80777102fab1ac76dd2efa31f4714961902e1d · algolia/docsearch-configs · GitHub only /doc is indexed, which may not be the best?

@MarkEWaite do you know if it was just for the initial setup to exclude blogs and other things? What was the plan?

@olblak According to my original email, only you and @MarkEWaite have access to the interface? Can I get access as well? do you want a ticket?

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Which interface are you talking about? Algolia?

@olblak I think so? Wasn’t sure doc search had its own interface. Just need access to the project I guess?

Maybe @MarkEWaite can help, I only see the application which you already have access

Based on the description of the Algolia docsearch product at , I think that we don’t have any facility to configure docsearch for We’re using their free service. It indexes the /doc/ subtree.

I think you can reach out to them. The JSON file I linked has it set to /docs if we want more we’ll have to get them to change it