What content is currently indexed in our search?

I tried to find a blog post but it looks like these posts are not part of the index. Then I also tried to find some top level pages without success as well. E.g., I tried “UI”, “gsoc”, “Hafner”, “governance” without any results that I would have expected (only some developer resources).

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Yea I was noticing that too the other day when I was looking for something.

Looks like according to docsearch-configs/jenkins.json at 7b80777102fab1ac76dd2efa31f4714961902e1d · algolia/docsearch-configs · GitHub only /doc is indexed, which may not be the best?

@MarkEWaite do you know if it was just for the initial setup to exclude blogs and other things? What was the plan?

@olblak According to my original email, only you and @MarkEWaite have access to the interface? Can I get access as well? do you want a ticket?

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Which interface are you talking about? Algolia?

@olblak I think so? Wasn’t sure doc search had its own interface. Just need access to the project I guess?

Maybe @MarkEWaite can help, I only see the application which you already have access

Based on the description of the Algolia docsearch product at , I think that we don’t have any facility to configure docsearch for We’re using their free service. It indexes the /doc/ subtree.

I think you can reach out to them. The JSON file I linked has it set to /docs if we want more we’ll have to get them to change it

Update - Mark and I reached out to algolia support:

After a few emails back and forth we got the following info, but i won’t be able to poke at it for at least 2 weeks.


Do we just change docsearch-configs/jenkins.json at 1789da957de6b5f75c2aa56a5ee76b1e8b63c266 · algolia/docsearch-configs · GitHub so its instead of Or do we add like /blog/ and /projects/ under a different tag?


Hey Gavin,

I’ve heard back from the DocSearch team, and have been told that If you would like to extend the page to your whole website, you can remove the /doc at the end of the URL line: docsearch-configs/jenkins.json at 1789da957de6b5f75c2aa56a5ee76b1e8b63c266 · algolia/docsearch-configs · GitHub. Also, if you only want like to add the blog , you can add a new “block” in the start_urls .

Alternatively, here’s a PR that’s been created that you can answer directly on, which may prove to be easier: fix(jenkins): update config by shortcuts · Pull Request #4746 · algolia/docsearch-configs · GitHub

If you have any questions, please let me know!


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Thanks! I’ve confirmed that blog posts are now indexed by the search engine along with events like the contributor summit.