Jenkins GSoC Office Hours - May 30, 2024

Attendees: AT, Kris Stern, Rajiv, Danyang, Phillipp, Alex, Valentin, Bruno, Jean-Marc, Shlomo, Sridhar, Nour


GSoC contributor updates, any challenges/roadblocks?

  • Infra Statistics UI – Shlomo
    • Working on developing UI / best way to show data
    • Some challenges include:
      • Gathering data and trying to figure out a way to automate the process
      • Data integrity - it seems some plugins are missing data
  • OpenRewrite – Sridhar
    • Will start the coding tomorrow, specifically will start working on the CLI module
    • The roadmap is completed and available on the GH project page
    • Just now weekly meeting happened, and we discussed the approach and libraries that we will use in each module
  • GitHub Permissions - Danyang
    • Working on testing pulls a request to add member/ members in the virtual organization
    • Will test delete member and summarize other function
    • Will document every week done somewhere, maybe in the GitHub repo
    • RPU weekly meeting happened
  • Maintainability for the RPU – Phillipp
    • Working on Unit Tests for each PR
    • Improve Exception Handling
    • RPU weekly meeting happened
    • Groovy script conversion was made for Jira, Github and Artifactory and PRs were opened
  • LLM Model – Nour
    • Resume effort collecting data
      • Collecting data from community discourse
      • Also using blog and documents on repo
      • 4150 questions with reliable answers so far
      • Sharing data with mentors asap, waiting for mentor’s feedback
      • Next meeting tomorrow
  • Blog post: Blog post: Jenkins in Google Summer of Code Community Bonding Period, Contributors’ Takeaways